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Meet Our Georgian Bar

A Sealed unit whereby an Aluminium Georgian window bar fitted within the sealed unit between the two panels of glass to visually divide the glass units into small panes. Because they are tightly sealed inside the glass, it is dustproof, rustproof, preventing color aging. The size comes in 18x8mm. The product has a distinct advantage of being easily cleaned & economical to purchase.

    European Window Design
    1st Time In India


This is the list of product used in making of the Georgian bar.

  • 401

    Aluminium White 3 Meter


    This is the white aluminium Georgian bar used to make the elegant windows & doors.

  • 402

    PVC L Key


    The L key is used to make a different type of design from this Georgian bar

  • 403

    PVC Bar Center Key


    This Center key is used inside the aluminum Georgianbar so that the bar can be fixed with each other

  • 404

    PVC End Corner


    The End corner key closes the aluminum Georgian bar

  • 405

    PVC Middle Key


    This is used to join the aluminum Georgian bar from the middle joint of the aluminum.